The perfect video ad script

Unlike simple image ads, videos are more personal. Have you noticed that after watching a few videos from the same person you pretty much feel like you know them? That’s because with video ads you build rapport with the viewer. Even if you might be thousands of miles from each other, you create a bond. And when you add the persuasion ingredient to this mix you have a powerful marketing tactic. 🧨

Attention + Persuasion = Action

But how do you achieve this? There is a formula that works extremely well on Video Ads. It has every single element you’ll need to get people to take action after they watch your videos. When all these components are in place you’ll significantly reduce your cost per lead while boosting your sales. 🚀 Are you ready?

Here we go – Find out how to make a perfect video ad:

  1. Grab Attention: Use the first few seconds to get the attention of the viewer. Here it’s more about the visual part of your video. Show something they would not expect to see on their Facebook timeline. Your goal is to get them to stop scrolling.


  1. Introduction: Once you have their attention it’s time to introduce yourself. But not as if you were talking to a friend. Here’s where you’ll need to build authority. Why should they listen to you? Something very powerful is to leverage the “I used to be like you…” sentence. In other words, you should go back to the place where your current audience is at. This will 100% relate to them.


  1. Problem: Explain a story about a problem you had in the past and how you overcame it. This problem should be the exact same problem your audience is currently facing.


  1. Solution: In this step, we are going to use the “But then it all changed…”. Here’s where you have to share your discovery. How did you overcome the problem from step #3?


  1. The Best Solution: Go over all the other possible solutions to the problem. Why is your solution the best one? Share it with the audience.


  1. Proof It: At this point, it’s very likely that your audience is still going to be skeptical about your solution. So it’s time you show some proof. What results did you obtain? Demonstrate results, show screenshots, and video demos.


  1. Social Proof / Testimonial: This is the most influential part of your video. We’re gonna use the “Don’t just take my word for it…”. In this section, you’re going to display case studies, reviews, and positive feedback you received from previous customers.


  1. Call-To-Action: Whether you want your audience to register for your upcoming training or download a PDF blueprint, this is the right time to throw in your first call-to-action. Most people who have made it through to this part of your video will be ready to take the next step.

But what happens to those who’re not ready yet? It’s ok… They just need a little extra something.

  1. Remove Risk: It’s time we make our offer a bit better. As mentioned, people who are still watching your video and didn’t take action may need a little extra persuasion. So we’ll use the “Wait! There’s more…”. Provide a special bonus to those who take action. It must be something valuable to them. For example, if you want them to register for your upcoming workshop provide a copy of your book to everyone who attends.


  1. Limitation / Scarcity: This one doesn’t require a description, it just flat out works! Explain that your offer is limited. This can be either by time “we’ll close down the page at midnight…” or by seats “we’re only opening 25 spots for the trial yoga class”.


  1. Recap: Time to summarize all the benefits they’ll get if they take action now. If it’s a physical product have it with you on the video so they can visually see it. For digital products (courses, workshops, masterclasses…) show on a presentation slide everything they’ll get. Once they see it, it becomes more tangible.


  1. Call-to-action: Invite them to take action one last time. The more you can tap into the emotion, logic, and fear of missing out, the better results you’ll obtain.

The end.

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