How to make $5k on black Friday with Facebook ads

    • Most sites will expect to see 60-70% off, you need to make this clear on your website.
    • Add a black banner with % off, with a countdown timer showing how long the sale will be. I usually make it from Thursday evening to Saturday evening.
    • Scarcity is key. You really need to make sure that people know when the sale starts and ends and make sure you do stick to these times.
    • Add hurrify timers to the product pages counting down to the end of sale.
  • You need to have upsells on your website to maximise AOV value because customers are willing to spend the most on this day.
Ad creative
  • People usually overcomplicate the ad, but just use your best performing ads as before. However, add black border with the % off discount around the edge!
  • Keep the caption simple with 🚨black Friday sale 🚨 then 60 to 70% off. With the link to your website. Straight to the point – all customers care about is how much they are getting off.
Ad account
  • I always schedule the ads and create the ads a few days in advance so that they are approved for black Friday.
  • If you are spending over 5k a day you need multiple ad accounts or contact Facebook to get the limit lifted.
Ads strategy
Cold traffic
  • WC purchase
  • For cold traffic I use CBO because this is the easiest way to utilise high budgets on fb.
  • Take your 5 top performing audiences and create a cbo with the black Friday ad creative. Do this for as many adsets as you got.
  • I would recommend starting the budget at $100 a day depending on your budget – I personally don’t go below $50 for CBO.
  • Placements IG feed, FB feed and IG story’s.
  • For all these I target the top performing countries.
Warm traffic
  • WC purchase
  • Types of warm traffic you should use: PV,VC,ATC,IC,PUR – Engaged with IG and FB – Time spent on your website and Video views.
  • I put PV,VC,ATC,IC,PUR in the same adset, start at $100 a day not cbo just normal adset level budget. Using the black Friday ad.
  • In a separate ad I put in the engaged with IG and FB start off at $100 a day with the black Friday ad.
  • Finally time spent on your website all %’s and video views all %’s $100 a day with the black Friday ad creative.
  • For all these I target worldwide.
You have to watch all of these and be ready to kill if they under perform. But all you are really doing is taking the best performing audiences and switching the ad creative to the black Friday ad. Make sure that the good preforming ads – you increase the budget! You need to be watching this very closely.
PS: Special thanks to Harry Towlson for his input.
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