5 Quick Hacks To Increase Landing Page Conversions By 70%

I remember building my first lead generation funnel like it was yesterday…!!

Calling it even ‘half-decent’ would be giving it undeserved respect 😂

I changed it a lot of times. Changed the lead magnet. Changed CTA. Changed color of the button even (lol)…. Yet, nothing seemed to work.

Not until I figured out 5 easy fixes for my lead gen landing page

1. What’s in a headline?

Everything. Nobody is even going to click on to your link if your headline sucks. Therefore it doesn’t matter even if you have the world’s best offer inside – if they don’t click, your offer becomes irrelevant.

2. Are you BLOCKing Them?

You have a lot of information to convey to your visitors and you need to give them all the information – I agree. But most of us use large blocks of written texts on the landing page. It not only looks terrible but also makes the visitor to not even bother reading. They will feel it’s too much work.

So, split your texts into small blocks (3 sentences at the max in each block). And use bold, underline and italics wherever necessary.

3. Be Specific

Let’s be honest here. Had I started this post with a heading “Tips to increase conversion”, 90% of you wouldn’t even have read till here. What made you start reading are the terms “5 quick hacks” and “increase conversions by 70%”.

People tend to go broad with their copy in a bid to attract everyone. And the first lesson you need to learn if you want a high converting landing page is that “One who tries to attract everyone, ends up attracting no one”.

4. CTA or CT1A?

Everyone knows what a CTA is. Call To Action.

But, what on earth is CT1A? – CALL TO 1 ACTION

Make sure you have only 1 CTA on your page. When I say 1 CTA, it doesn’t mean to have only 1 button. You can have multiple buttons on the page. But all those buttons should have only 1 CTA. I often see people using multiple CTAs on one page. For example: “Click Here To Book Call”, “Click Here To Join FB Group”, “Click Here To Read Blog Post” etc. This will kill your conversions. Have separate landing pages for different CTAs.

5. Equipment vs Biceps

A gym in my neighborhood put out a promotion that said “Our specialty is state of the art equipment imported from Germany” – I couldn’t care less.

Another gym (not as big a gym as above) had their promotion as – “Looking forward to lifting her up on Valentine’s day? Save yourself the embarrassment and build up the strength in just 1 week” – Ooooh…now we’re talking.

You are not selling features. You are not even selling benefits. You are selling transformations/dreams. Equipment is a feature. Building strength is a benefit. Lifting her up is the dream. Make sure you adjust your copy to convey the transformation they so desperately need.

If you are struggling with your landing page conversions, apply these 5 fixes and avoid “Lead Drought” for good!

Ps: Special thanks to  Rishal Muhammed for his input.

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