4 Tips to close deals using Instagram DM

Here some really IMPORTANT TIPS for FITNESS coaches & entrepreneurs to CLOSE MORE DEALS on Instagram via DM’s. DM’s are one of the most overlooked ways to make DEALS happen and make more bucks.

🔥 Keep in mind!
Honest belief in your product or service is crucial and knowing that it will HELP YOUR CLIENT should be n.1 in your priority list to make the SALE happen.

✅  1). First you must recognize their SITUATION, so you see where are they currently with their income, IG growth, conversion rates, etc.

✅ 2). Ask them about their GOAL, so you see if u can help them.

✅ 3). Ask if growth is PRIORITY for them, that way you determine if they are serious or not.

✅ 4). GIVE RESULTS IN ADVANCE, give them something concrete they can use, that will give them results. They will come back for more.

Doing this will IMPROVE your conversion rates.

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